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1000 gr Product No :36720

Nutcity Hazelnut Cream With Cocoa - new

Creating a great option for those who love spreadable hazelnut cream, Nutcity constitutes a healthy and delicious breakfast alternative. Whether you choose the hazelnut variety or hazelnut and milk chocolate duo, Nutcity offers a guarantee of taste. Offering variety with its packages in different forms and different weights, Nutcity gains the appreciation of consumers. The product presented in elegant jars with 350-gram glass packages can be purchased in plastic boxes as well. The plastic chocolate boxes come in packages of 250, 500 and 1000 grams. 500 gram- and 1000-gram products are ideal choices for crowded families.

Product No Net Gr In Parcel
36720 1000 gr 8
36721 900 gr 8
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