Volume Cakes

Volume cakes by Alyan Food are actually a flavor feast that you can never get out of your mind. The filling spreads in your mouth, giving you a high frequency happiness. The soft cake and cocoa coating when combined with the delicious fillings give you absolute joy. The taste is unique and Volume products are really healthy . They give you the same taste as if they are homemade. You can easily carry them in your bag, for a snack you might need anywhere. Sometimes, with your tea or coffee, you want some cake but no time to bake it. If you have Volume cakes at home, you should feel relaxed. They taste exactly like they are baked at home, and offer you different choices with different tastes.

Jolly Plain Cakes have different filling tastes such as cherry sauce, orange sauce or strawberry sauce. Each has a fresh fruit taste combined with the delicious soft cake. Volume Cocoa cake filled with forest fruit sauce makes you feel delighted and elated.  Volume Waffle Cakes has many varieties with date sauce , orange sauce, caramel sauce or strawberry sauce and they offer you a delicious choice which you can carry in your bag for a healthy snack. If you are craving for waffle, it is there in your bag. You don’t have to cook it. If you are a chocolate fan, then Volume Extreme Chocolate Coated Cake filled with Chocolate sauce is exactly  for you. It is a sponge cake with real chocolate inside. It is extraordinarily delicious .

Volume mini cakes are also good for a snack . They come with chocolate sauce, strawberry or orange sauce. The size is small but the taste is really big. Date Muffin cakes, filled with chocolate sauce is a good companion to your coffee. They are not only delicious, but they are also appreciated for their colorful, cheerful and modern packaging. Every single bite makes you happier. Hoop cakes are cocoa coated or you can choose the white one, coconut and White chocolate coated filled with milk cream. Hoop Duo consists of two cakes, one plain and one with cocoa which becomes more delicious with the chocolate sauce inside. Volume cakes are soft, the cake melts in your mouth and the fillings are really delicious and refreshing.

Volume cakes create an unimaginable satisfaction. They have different flavors, with different ingredients. They are healthy and they make good presents for your loved ones or children. They are also nutritious so feel relaxed to offer them to children. In a fast-paced life, healthy snacks save your life. Make sure you have them in your bag, in your car , at home or in your office desk drawer. Eat them for breakfast, lunch or as a snack with your tea or coffee.


Volume Cakes