The Journey into the history of chocolate

Reasons for eating chocolate and times of day may vary. Sometimes with a hot
drink, sometimes just for a sweet craving. There may be moments when we find the
pleasure of chocolate in another dessert, but nothing can replace a good chocolate.
First of all, the fact that it is a ready-made consumer product attracts us. While it is
necessary to collect the ingredients, find a good recipe and spend time to make
dessert, it is enough to just want to eat chocolate.

When was chocolate discovered?
• Historians believe that chocolate has existed for at least 4,000 years.
What is the raw material of chocolate?
• Chocolate is made from cocoa beans.
For what purpose was chocolate first used?

• In the 17th century, chocolate was a popular beverage all over Europe, especially
among the wealthy. Ancient cultures mixed ground cocoa with other spices to make
it spicy. This drink was served at weddings and when visiting dignitaries from foreign
countries. B.C. Archaeologists found traces of cocoa in Olmec jugs dating back 600
years. Based on the traces of cocoa found in the jug, it is thought that they consumed
cocoa in liquid form at that time.
Where was the first chocolate made?
• When the Spaniards brought cocoa seeds to Spain, they started creating new
recipes that changed the texture and taste of chocolate. They started making
chocolate by adding sugar to the process which made it even more delicious.
When did the first mass production of chocolate begin?
• Mass production of chocolate became possible with the invention of the steam
engine in the late 1700s.
• In 1828, a Dutch chemist discovered a way to make powdered chocolate.
• In 1847, Joseph Fry is credited with making the first modern chocolate bar.
Is chocolate a healthy food?
• Dark chocolate and cocoa contain high levels of flavones that may have beneficial
cardiovascular effects.
• Some studies have found that cocoa-rich foods lower blood pressure.
• Other research has found that chocolate can increase your good cholesterol (HDL).
Can chocolate be stored in the refrigerator?
Chocolates should be stored in cool and dry places, not in the refrigerator.
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