The Chocolate of Eid Al Adha is Special and It Needs Care

Eid al Adha, which we have all been waiting for with excitement, from the
smallest to the biggest, has come to bring us together with all its joy. When the
feast is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the big tables where the
whole family is together and the guests are guests.
With the gathering of families and friends, the feasts have become the days that
sweeten our lives. Everyone is a different excitement, regardless of whether they
are old or children. But being a child is always very special. Pocket money from
elders, clean handkerchiefs in pockets, and feast chocolates...
Experience this feast with the taste of old holidays with Alyan Food chocolates.
Meet with wonderful flavours that you will send as gifts to your loved ones or
accompany you on their visits, chatting while eating and feeling your happiness
increase every time you share them.
Standing out with Madlen varieties for those who love the traditional taste and all
kinds of options for those who prefer the marginal taste, Alyan Food is with you
this holiday and is preparing to welcome the feast with joy.
By visiting our Online Store, you can buy Alyan products with one click or send
them to your loved ones

• Praline series for those who prefer dark, milk and white chocolate in the same
• Madlen Chocolate for those who do not give up on traditional tastes,
• Complex Mixed Box for those who are fond of flavoured tastes,
• Poky varieties to delight the little ones,
• Love, to show your increasing love as you share,
• Truffino series for those who want to feel real chocolate,
• Dates N Choco for those who wish to be with us in health with chocolate,
• Zerre, to feel every ounce of happiness you shared during the feast.

In short, there is enough chocolate to make everyone happy in Alyan Chocolate
World and our online store.
And again this feast, we turn chocolate into love and happiness and offer you
the sweetest way to touch the lives of your loved ones.
Alyan Food products are waiting for you in Alyan Chocolate World and our
online store, with many varieties that you can take with you as a small gift
during your feast visits and to feel the naivety of the feast.


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