Safe Food issue is a subject that everyone has been curiously researching and trying to obtain
information in recent years. It is what all people desire to have food products that are not harmful to the
human body, do not cause allergic reactions, have high nutritional value and are easily accessible for
everyone. For this reason, food safety has become a discipline. One of the research topics of this
discipline is the purification of food from harmful things to humans, prevention of food spoilage and
storage methods. Certain food and beverage companies, which prioritize this goal, have developed
themselves in safe food and have opted for certification.
•Arrangement of production facilities in suitable conditions
• Providing appropriate training for the staff who working in the food sector
• Providing appropriate equipment for the staff working in the food industry
• Keeping under regular control; quality, service inspection and measurements
• Delivery of food under suitable distribution conditions
• Storage of food in suitable conditions
• Improvements for facilities and employees to reach world standards in line with food safety
• The existing quality and continuity of the system should be taken as basis
The World Health Organization is an institution that supervises the work on safe food and also
determines what needs to be done. Many companies and organizations make their prevention and
changes to comply with these standards. In this way, awareness and consciousness of safe food is
created. We choose to store and use our food in the light of the information we generally know and
learn from our family. But we may also face the danger of paying the results of the mistakes with our
health that have been made for years on some issues. For this reason, it is best to ensure food safety
with the information obtained from authorized institutions.SAFE FOOD RULES
• It is important to choose processed foods in factories.
• Do not consume foods before they are fully cooked. It is especially important for meat products to be
cooked without being raw.
• Carefully consume the food immediately after cooking.
• Attention should be paid to food storage temperature conditions.
• It is necessary to avoid contact especially cooked foods with raw foods. Contact causes the growth of
microbes and this leads to the development of foodborne diseases.
• You must make sure that the water you use is clean.
• You should pay attention to your hand hygiene while handling food.
• The food area should be cleaned every time and the tools used should be cleaned by boiling.
Since the cocoa raw material used for chocolate production which comes from abroad to our country,
making storage and transportation under suitable conditions, gain importance. After it is produced in
chocolate form, the distribution conditions must be maintained at a certain temperature in order to
avoid the risk of melting or freezing. The most important topic for safe food is that; all kinds of chocolate
that are produced in accordance with certain standards by an expert team. For this purpose, our
company continues its operations by making the necessary measures and improvements to create
suitable conditions in all production departments as storage areas and shipping vehicles. If there is
deterioration in the storage, storage and shipment stages of bakery products, very risky results may
occur. All necessary processes are carried out by testing their compliance with the standards in order not
to encounter a result that may threaten health. The understanding of quality and service is developed
with the demands of the customer and applied without compromise. With this awareness, our products
are delivered to the whole world by complying with all the necessary precautions regarding safe food.
We continue to work for you to consume our tastes that you can offer to your loved ones with peace of
mind. The process of producing, storing, and shipping safe food is considered as increasing costs. The
calculation is made accordingly, while providing a balance of price and cost. However, while calculating
costs with our policy that prioritizes human health, we consider healthy production as a prerequisite.
Even if there is a person who has lost her health or is disturbed by the food produced, it is adopted as
the main goal to make production at all costs and to provide safe food in order to correct and prevent


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