Nutrition in Summer

The month of summer, which we have been waiting for all year long, has arrived. The
place of summer season is always different. It is the right time to plan a wonderful holiday to
dream that you will have fun with your loved ones and finally realize it with the energy of
the sun that warms our hearts. In this period, it is actually easier to maintain our form with
the reflection of the effect of the sun on our life energy. With the warm weather, we start to
spend less time eating. We mostly prefer practical snacks. We can keep our body weight in
healthy ranges with regular main and snack meals, adequate and balanced nutrition, and
also by not missing enough physical activity.

When traveling in the summer, we often do not want to consume heavy foods with
the heat of the air. You can choose Alyan Food snacks during your travels and at every
moment of your holiday, and you can consume them with peace of mind. Our Cake group
produced with fresh summer fruits; Cherry, orange, strawberry, forest fruit, coconut and
date varieties should be included in the list of must-haves before your trip with their fun
packages. Thanks to the Volume Cakes that you will put in your bag during your journey or at
the seaside, your trip will become faster with fewer breaks, and your summer vacation will
become more enjoyable with these delicious flavours.

The most preferred Volume Cakes;
By dividing the Volume Hoop Cake in half, sharing it with your loved ones and having
unforgettable moments,
By snacking on your sudden sweet crisis while sunbathing, Volume Waffle Cake,
which you will not miss for a moment,
When you are overwhelmed by the weather, put the Volume Muffin Cake in the
refrigerator beforehand and consume it cold,
By fitting Volume Mini into your smallest bag with its tiny package,
You can surprise your friends with Volume Jolly Cake thanks to its fun packaging and
make your holiday more enjoyable with these small flavours by sharing them with this

You can make your orders for Volume Cake, which is a brand loved by everyone in a
short time, from Trendyol Alyan Food store.
Volume Waffle Cocoa Coated Cake with Date Sauce
Volume Mini Cocoa Coated Cake with Strawberry Sauce
Volume Extreme Chocolate Coated with Chocolate Sauce Cocoa Cake
Volume Waffle Cocoa Coated Cake with Chocolate Sauce
Volume Date Pieces Muffin Cake
Volume Hoop Cocoa Cake with Cherry Sauce

The biggest taste escapade of the holidays is usually caused by desserts. We
recommend you to put Dates n Choco varieties in your bag so that you can use your chance
to eat dessert in favour of lighter choices in summer.
As in every season and every moment, Alyan Food will not leave you alone with its
unique tastes, and will continue to add joy to your life by producing flavours that will make
you happy by being a partner in your holiday.


Volume Cakes