Date is actually a miracle fruit which is grown in the desert and is one of the oldest plants grown by humankind. Dates contain everything necessary for people to continue their life and this feature is not found in any other food. This feature is a proof that how much dates are a nutritious fruit. Dates are a healthy snack that we can consume not only during Ramadan, but also 3-4 in our daily life. LabanH Dates that Alyan Food grows, collects and packs carefully from its own gardens for you; With Sukkari, Khudri and Mabroom varieties, thanks to its practical packages it will be with you not only in Ramadan, but also in every moment of your daily life.

The benefits of dates, which are among the foods that are good for the body, do not end with counting. As Alyan Food we wanted to sort a few benefits of our own production dates;

So what are the benefits of dates?

  • It has a protective effect against cancer
  • Strengthens the immune system with its antioxidant content
  • Plays a role in protecting the beauty and health of the skin
  • Protects the nervous system with vitamin B1, B2 content
  • Eliminates both physical and mental fatigue
  • A small amount of date consumption during meals has a calming effect on the body
  • Provides blood production to the body
  • It is extremely good for anemia
  • Prevents bone weakness
  • Has a positive effect against tuberculosis
  • It is a very useful fruit against kidney failure
  • Increases breast milk
  • It is good against stress
  • Has memory loss prevention feature
  • It strengthens the liver

The items listed above are just some of the benefits of dates. The most important reason for consuming dates especially during Ramadan; Date eliminates sluggishness. In this respect, consuming dates before meals is good for human health. Alyan Food does not leave you alone in this Ramadan with LabanH dates, which are completely produced by itself, and takes the place it deserves on your tables.

As Alyan Gıda, we did not limit the consumption of dates only to the month of Ramadan, but also brought you a traditional taste. We added a different flavour to dates with the "DATES n CHOCO" product produced by Alyan Food. We carefully placed fresh almonds inside the wonderful dates that we have grown. We covered the outside with premium Bitter, Milk, White Chocolate and Coconut. In this way, we have created a delicious snack for those who can not give up dessert but also take care of their health.

DATES n CHOCO is an endlessly reliable snack not only for adults, but also for mothers who want to meet their children's sweet needs in a healthy way. When creating DATES n CHOCO, Alyan Food aimed to make children love a healthy food such as dates. For this reason, DATES n CHOCO is a great product that you can give to your children with safely, thanks to its healthy ingredients.

In addition to all these, as Alyan Food, we have made you taste the unique harmony of chocolate and dates that nobody can imagine but possible ...


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