Gift Chocolate

You can make your happy, joyful and cheerful moments more meaningful with delicious and different options of Alyan Food product family which can be offered as gift chocolate to your loved ones.

We know producing chocolate is a serious job. Alyan Food chocolate prepared with the most special ingredients and mixtures are produced as sweet as to collect unique memories with your loved ones on special days and with high-quality.

Short History of Chocolate

When we hear about the word chocolate, we think of a wafer, a box of chocolate or a chocolate bar. We know that the first thing that comes into mind has a sweet taste. But chocolate has been consumed and used differently throughout its long history.

The indispensable raw material of chocolate is produced from cocoa tree fruits. Although cocoa and chocolate seem like an inseparable duo, things were different in the past.

Today, the cocoa raw material of this flavour presented to our loved ones as gift chocolate has 4 thousand years of history. Cocoa first found in South America was used by Olmecs living near the Mexican borders with the closest form of chocolate that we know today. Mayans used cocoa fruit as a drink. Aztecs used cocoa beans as a currency.

Although chocolate is a sweet and delicious taste now, it is correct to say it was a raw material used for different purposes in the past.

Sweetest Gift

Alyan Food takes premium chocolate production to an entirely different level and produces taste, safety and quality-focused chocolate brands. Gift chocolate produced to meet the customer needs of today started its journey to change the meaning of a gift with high-quality products. A unique chocolate brand range with chocolate brands such as Monteyer, Truffino, Datesncoco and gift chocolate products are waiting for valuable customers.

Alyan Food with amazing options for gift chocolate produces and sells with quality, customer satisfaction and delicious taste trio via the production facilities in Sakarya/Hendek where the most different forms of chocolate are produced.

Quality, Care and Trust-Focused Production

When we say gift chocolate, various brands became classics but without production knowledge. Alyan Food has a planning and production approach with indispensable elements such as quality, technology, trust and hygiene. The entire process from the beginning of production until the end is automated and production is frequently controlled with a different control mechanism implemented at each stage.

Alyan Food had Halal, ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and BRC Food Global Food Safety certificates. More than 200 products produced in the modern production facilities are exported to every corner of the world especially to America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Delicious Chocolate Brands

Adding dynamism to the chocolate sector with different product range, Alyan Food offers amazing alternatives for gift chocolate with different product concepts. Visit our website to check delicious chocolate brands of Alyan Food and to say a sweet hello!

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