Energy’s key is hidden in breakfast

Breakfast is our must-have meal when starting the day. Starting the day without breakfast have great importance both for our health and our motivation during the day. We wouldn't be wrong if we say that our body, which is hungry all night, deserves a good breakfast. The breakfast meal is so important that the secret key of all the energy that we spend while continuing the day is hidden in it.

Breakfast, which should be done within two hours at the latest after waking up, determines the quality of cognitive performance as well as the daily calorie intake. People ; who do not have breakfast can have intense headache problems in starting the day. Breakfast plays a big role in the school success level of the children.

So, what should we consume most for breakfast;

  • Foods with high protein content,
  • Fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, parsley, fresh peppers, oranges, apples
  • Yogurt can be recommended as an alternative for children who don't drink milk and don't eat cheese.
  • The main foods are cheese, olives, eggs, jam, honey, molasses, bread and other breakfast products

As a result of the researches, we can list the importance of breakfast and the positive effects of regular breakfast on people as below;

It is important for better weight control. It has been found that those who skip the breakfast meal gain weight more easily and are more fatter.

According to the researches, it has been determined that children who eat breakfast regularly are more active in the classroom and they are more successful in understanding the subjects and solving problems.

Through the regular breakfast, blood sugar is balanced.

It is useful for the nervous system to work.


The most special dessert that your eyes look for in a nice breakfast is hazelnut cream with cocoa. Cocoa hazelnut cream spread on warm breads is almost a cause of happiness with their flavours that add harmony to breakfast.

Nutcity Hazelnut Cream by Alyan Gıda is among the most delicious flavours that parents can offer their children for breakfast or lunch at school. With the convenience of having many benefits of hazelnut cream, there are Nutcity Hazelnut Cream varieties, Nutcity Duo Cocoa and Milky Hazelnut Cream, which parents can feed their children without any question marks in their mind.


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