Elaborate Prepared Chocolates for Special Moments at Alyan Gıda

With the arrival of spring and the warming weather, our celebrations increase this
year in May, when the sun enters our lives. It starts with Ramadan Feast, continues with
Mother's Day, 19 May Youth and Sports Day. The chocolate for each celebration is carefully
selected to deserve to be special.
The traditional versions of our festive chocolates will be sweeter with new
alternatives this year. The situation of staying at home, which we have been living for a long
time, ends this holiday. There will be a holiday where the distance between us and our
loved ones is lifted and longings turn into reunions. The moments we share with our loved
ones at our iftar tables will be replaced by the joy of the holiday that we will celebrate
Chocolate ranks first among our elaborate treats in special moments. It adds flavor
to our conversations. Chocolate, which is served alongside a holiday coffee with our loved
ones, becomes insatiable when combined with our pleasant conversations.
Our new chocolates, Prendimi, Picco and Fuschia, with their stylish packages that we
can offer to your loved ones during the holiday and that you will carry with you during your

visits, offer an experience that will bring your chocolate pleasure to the top. Surprise your
loved ones with our Truffino and Monteyer series, which are suitable for every taste and
produced at the same quality every time. Our brand new dessert recipes special for the
holiday are on the air. With Date Baklava and Date Baklava with Tahini, you can serve
flavors that have never been tried before to your guests. You can find our recipes on our
Youtube channel and social media accounts.
Alyan Gıda, the new indispensable part of holiday visits, has a variety of products
suitable for all tastes, with chocolate options for treats and gifts. If you wish, you can
present an elegant box during your holiday visit, or you can choose our bulk chocolate
varieties for your home treats.
Our Holiday Chocolate Favorites
Truffino Mixed
Truffino Almond Milk Cream Filled Coconut White Chocolate
Monteyer Milk Chocolate
Volume Praline Chocolate
One of the days when we can show our love for our mothers diligently is Mother's
Day. On Mother's Day, you can make this meaningful day even more precious by gifting our
mothers with our special treats. By choosing Alyan Gıda chocolates as a Mother's Day gift,
you can introduce your mother to unique chocolates in elegant boxes.
Mother's Day Gift, Our Favorites
Happy Moments
Truffino Milk Chocolate With Raspberry Cream Filling
Dates N Choco Coconut and White Chocolate Coated Dates
Monteyer Fuchsia Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Cream
Monteyer Picco Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnut Cream
With our taste, reliability and spirit of innovation, we focus on the satisfaction of our
consumers by prioritizing quality. Alyan Gıda's chocolate and snacks are popular with both
adults and children. In the journey we embarked on by saying "How Sweet", we create
happiness that increases as we share.
Let your time be yours in the selection of gift chocolates. In recent years, we prefer to do
our shopping from home instead of going to the market. With the convenience of online
shopping, we can make our loved ones feel close with a surprise even if they are far away.
Sometimes we can take our gift chocolates during our visits, and sometimes we provide a
smile on the faces of our loved ones with a cargo that will knock on their door.
We bring you the most beautiful Alyan chocolates with our online store
www.shopinalyan.com Chocolates that you will be amazed by the taste are at your door
with a click at shopinalyan.com with affordable prices for the month of May


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