Dates n Bar Date Bars Will Be Your New Favorite

We all have short moments of hunger and times when we crave sweets. Our quest to find flavors we love will never end. We observe the changing tastes of our consumers and our desire to produce the most innovative flavors for you continues. For this purpose, we have added a brand new alternative to the Dates n Choco family. Date bars are a candidate to be the leading flavor in our healthy snack group with their wonderful tastes.            

             Dates n Bar, your natural snack without added sugar, is a 100% fruit and date combination, so it's a great choice for those who want to eat healthy! Totally fresh and natural. Dates n Bar, consisting of a combination of dates and fruit, is a taste that will be liked by those looking for a delicious and light product. You can consume it as a healthy snack to quickly suppress hunger at school, at work, between meals, and keep it ready in your bag against sweet cravings. In addition, this package will meet children's snack requests in a healthy way. It will be the savior of mothers in the snacks of children.

      In recent years, the "Nuts Bar", whose popularity has increased in parallel with the increasing healthy eating trend, has become one of our enjoyable habits.

 Our flavors that stand out among the nuts bars are Dates n Bar with Hazelnut Pieces and Dates n Bar with Peanut Pieces. Dates n Bar, where dates come together with nuts and Alyan quality, is always with you every moment of the day. It will be your most delicious supporter when you are hungry in a busy working day, when you need motivation while studying, when you spend in the car during the day, when you don't want to miss out, or when you just crave something sweet.

If you haven't met the new generation Dates n Bars yet, let's introduce you to high fiber source snacks that offer different varieties. 

Hazelnut Pieces Dates n Bar

The delicious bar, where dates and hazelnut pieces meet, generously offers the benefits of hazelnuts thanks to its intense hazelnut content. While giving a feeling of satiety, it balances your cholesterol and strengthens your muscles. You won't be able to give up Dates n Bar, the new way to eat healthy.

Strawberry Dates n Bar

When your favorite natural sweet date meets your favorite fruit, this unique flavor emerges. If you haven't tasted the combination of dates and strawberries before, you will experience it at Dates n bar Strawberry date bar. Strawberry, which is one of the most consumed fruits in the summer months, is among the most popular fruits with its taste and health benefits. Strawberry strengthens your immune system as it is an effective antioxidant.

Peanut Pieces Dates n Bar

Pistachio, which is indispensable for pleasant conversations, tea times, and snacks, came together with dates and took its place as a great snack. Peanut is an effective component of diets when consumed in a controlled manner due to its satiating content. Dates n Bar with dates covered with peanut pieces is ready to take its place in your bags as your new snack.

Orange Dates n Bar

Who doesn't love an orange snack? Dates n Bar with Orange Dates is just for you to explore dates and oranges together. When you crave something sweet, you'll love the newest of innocent and satisfying snacks. Enjoy staying fit with our orange bar, which is a candidate to be the most preferred date bar with its high nutritional value.

Dates n Bar, which is a 100% fruit and date combination, is perfect for satisfying the need for protein with its satiating feature.


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