Cakes Funny and Easy to Throw in the Bag

When you go to work or travel, you should definitely have a snack in your bag. Small cakes
that will go well with tea, coffee or something cold that will instantly suppress your hunger
are like saviors. It both saturates and soothes our sweet cravings. Tiny muffins are delightful
snacks that are easy to store and easy to reach. As cake master Alyan Gıda, we offer you
delicious alternatives in cakes.
As Alyan Gıda, we will think of you and have wonderful cake suggestions for you to throw in
your bag. One of our cakes to suit your taste will definitely be your favorite.
Volume Muffin Cake Family
With our muffin cakes, you can decorate your table on special occasions and turn your
invitation into a feast of taste by adding fruits on it. You can make volume forest fruit cakes
more enjoyable with raspberry, cherry, blueberry, strawberry and cherry on top of it. You
can decorate it by adding ice cream to it.
Cakes have been the most enjoyable snacks for all of us. These delicious snacks, hidden in
small packages, can be a savior for our small hunger at any time of the day. A cake covered
with chocolate, muffins with forest fruits in it, cakes for cocoa, vanilla and apple varieties are
flavors that we can always consume easily, as well as being easily transported.
Our cakes, which have dozens of varieties such as cherry, orange, date, cinnamon, coconut
and cocoa, will impress you with their appetizing scents. Whether plain, mosaic or with
cocoa, all these cakes will add pleasure to your tea hours with their flavors that leave a mark
on the palate.
Forget all the cake recipes you make! After you try Alyan Gıda, you will realize that there is
no need to make a cake at home. A softly baked cake with its delicious cream is a truly
magnificent combination in Volume cakes.
When you say you love Fruit Cake, we have a lot of variety.
Jolly cakes make your fruit selection easy with 3 types.
The volume waffle cake family is with you when you want to eat it even if it's waffles.
With its fun shape, 8-shaped hoop cakes provide a double flavor feast.
Fluffy muffins
How about a little cake break?
Try the date like this
Date is among everyone's favorites with its benefits and being an innocent fruit. Including
dates in cake recipes after meeting dates with chocolate shows that we, as Alyan Gıda, try
our dates in every snack.
Volume muffins with dates
Waffle with dates
If you say chocolate is indispensable
Volume Amour
Volume Extreme
Hoop chocolate
Waffles with chocolate
The most delicious cakes for strawberry lovers
Jolly strawberry
Waffle Strawberry
Pound mini cake strawberry,
Volume mini cake strawberry
Orange and Lemon Cakes
Jolly orange
Waffle orange
Volume mini orange sauce
Pound of lemon
Pound mini orange cake
Cherry and Forest Fruit Flavors
Jolly cherry
Hoop cherry
Volume Forest Fruity
Cakes with Caramel Sauce
Hoop with caramel sauce
Mini cake with caramel sauce
Muffins with caramel sauce
Waffle cake with caramel sauce
Coconut Flavors
Hoop Coconut
Milkies with Coconut
Apple Cinnamon, Mosaic Cake, Butter, Cocoa Cake and more.
We may not always have time to make cakes at home. That's why it's delicious and practical
as if we made it ourselves in narrow times.
Visit to try our cakes. Your children will especially love these
practical snacks that appeal to both the eyes and the palate


Volume Cakes