Chocolate Sauce Plain Cake

Chocolate sauce plain cake, this amazing cake as sweet and delicious as the amazing smell from your mom’s kitchen meets with consumers under Volume brand with the privileges of Alyan Food.

Alyan Food exports its brands to all the corners on the world from 45-thousand-square-meter production area in Sakarya/Hendek. Alyan Food with halal food certificate, ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and BRC Food Safety certificate offers its products produced with great care and quality from raw material selection to sales under delicious brands and provides solutions to the global fast consumption sector needs.

Volume: More Than Just a Cake

Volume, which fills the mouth with chocolate sauce plain cake, is one of the most delicious product in Alyan Food product range. The soft cake that melts in the mouth, cocoa coat specially prepared with Alyan Food recipe from carefully selected cocoa beans and the delicious chocolate sauce give you joy and please you at the same time.

Alyan Food, which contains various options that could be the choice of those who want to make a difference in bakery products with Volume brand, applies detailed production and sales process from the production line to sales where production is completed with the highest level of professionalism in terms of taste, quality and flavor.

The box contains 24 of 6-piece packages. Chocolate sauce plain cake, exported to more than 200 locations especially in America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, leaves a delicious taste in consumer’s mouth.

Chocolate Sauce Plain Cake and Other Tastes

Other than chocolate sauce plain cake product, Alyan Food with various products under Volume brand can offer different alternatives to the consumers with the Volume bakery products brand. Other cake products offered by Volume brand other than chocolate sauce plain cake are as follows:

  • Mini Cocoa coated strawberry sauce cake
  • Mini Cocoa coated orange sauce cake
  • Mini Cocoa coated caramel sauce cake
  • Mini Cocoa coated chocolate sauce cake
  • Hoop Cocoa coated chocolate sauce cake
  • Hoop Cherry sauce cocoa cake
  • Hoop Cocoa coated Chocolate sauce cake
  • Hoop Cocoa coated caramel sauce cake
  • Hoop Coconut and white cocolin coated milky cream-filled cake
  • Waffle Chocolate sauce mosaic cake
  • Waffle Cocoa coated chocolate sauce mosaic cake
  • Waffle Cocoa coated strawberry sauce cake
  • Waffle Cocoa coated orange sauce cake
  • Waffle Cocoa coated caramel sauce cake
  • Date Cake with date pieces
  • Date Cocoa coated date sauce cake


Brands That Meet International Consumers

Alyan Food as a food firm finding the opportunity to reach to consumers different regions and countries with international customers and improving this production and sales network each day can present its products to different locations around the world with the state-of-art production line, expert and professional production and sales team.

Alyan Food, which offers product versatility under different brands with chocolate and cake products, provides service with the most modern facility in today’s world and having the state-of-art machinery and high-level production and sales planning methods in this facility.

Visit our website for Chocolate sauce plain cake produced by Alyan Food, other brands and more, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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