Çağla Chocolate

The delicious tasting Çağla chocolates by Alyan food is for you who are looking for quality. With its high quality ingredients, Çağla offers economic alternatives in stylish packages for families. Çağla offers many different types of chocolate, each having different tastes with delicious ingredients.

Milk chocolates filled with hazelnut flavor cream is offered by Love series. Complex mixed compound chocolate is at your choice with different packages, either in a pack or in a box. Whichever way you prefer your chocolate, you can find one that fulfills your needs. Caramella minis or milk bars with strawberry or coconut flavor cream. Do you love chocolate filled with hazelnut cream dragees or strawberry pieces? You can either buy a bar of your taste for a snack or mixed chocolate in a stylish gift box for your family or friends.

Çağla is also preferred at breakfast tables with Nutcity duo hazelnut cream with milk and cocoa in a box or a jar. Children will love it on a slice of bread with its healthy taste. They will be addicted to Nutcity  for sure. There are also stick chocolates filled with different taste flavors like milk, coconut or strawberry. Some types are offered in big quantities in stylish packages so they can be good for families or friends as a gift. Buy a box of mixed chocolate to take to your friend’s birthday party or mixed minis for your children’s birthday party. Bars will save you from starving if you have one in your bag as a snack.

If you love chocolate but if you are scared of putting on weight, Çağla’s stick chocolates will go well with your coffee to satisfy your craving. Çağla offers different tastes, different types of chocolates in different packages , all special and unique. If you are looking for quality chocolate, Çağla has many alternatives for you.


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