Alyan Food: Taste Going Beyond Borders!

Alyan Food, a firm present in every corner around the world with at least one of its brands, exports to various regions around the world especially to Europe, America, Middle East and Africa continents. Alyan Food with a wide product range is one of the fastest-growing food brands in Turkey with premium chocolate varieties as well as date products produced from its own garden.

A Brand-New World!

Alyan Food, a firm that has a constantly renewing dynamism to produce different tastes, undertakes high-level production based on the product quality and taste; the firm has turned customer satisfaction and making a difference in the eyes of the customers into the main principle. Alyan Food has become a brand with different chocolate types and has a production process prepared with the best ingredients that are blended at the hands of an expert team.

Alyan Food by constantly updating the operations with different product range follows the changing taste trends and choice trends and produces amazing flavors blended with superior taste and quality. Alyan Food has Halal Food, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificates, and meets the customer needs in the best way possible from 57 thousand square meter (45 thousand square meter closed, 12 thousand square meter open area) world standard production and storage facility located in Sakarya Hendek and offering services that reach out beyond the borders into different continents.

Premium Brands

To be a brand in the fast consumption sector, especially in a highly competitive sector, is not an easy job. Alyan Food sends the brands it has created with great care, experience and professionalism to different countries by transcending borders in terms of taste, quality and customer satisfaction.

Alyan Food produces different branded chocolate, cake and date products with high-level production facility equipped with high-quality ingredients and state-of-art technologies. Some of the Alyan Food brands are as follows:

Monteyer - Delicious chocolate selections produced with high-quality cocoa and cream to leave a unique taste in your mouth.

Truffino - Delicious chocolate balls to bring joy to your mouth.

Datesnchoco – Unique flavour experience blending date and almond chocolate.

Volume – Filled cake with cocoa coating and delicious filling choices!

Çağla – Chocolate types with superior quality and exciting taste!

Labanh – Our special product produced from dates grown in our own garden in Riyad, Saudi Arabia.


Gift Chocolate


Volume Cakes