Kids explore space with Heyyo family

Children of the future are very curious about space. Planets, infinite galaxies, stars, whether there is life in space actually excites us all. Who knows, maybe years from now we will have trips to Mars, space highways, interstellar races, celebrations on distant planets. In order to do all these, scientists accelerate their work. As Alyan Gıda Family, we are here with the brand new chocolates and snacks of the Heyyo family, which will make children's space curiosity sweeter. Let's get to know the Heyyo family closely, where curious little ones will dream of life in space, learn what they don't know about space through games, laugh a lot and have fun while tasting Heyyo products.

Sweet master Mem is the mother of family and creator of the magnificent Heyyo flavors.The secret of Heyyo's taste hidden in herself! Besides of this, Mem Heyyo loves makeup styles from different galaxies.

“Beb Heyyo” father of the family, is funny and cheerful. He likes sporting. Beb travels intergalactic business trips with “Rocket Science” vehicle and authorized Space distributor of HEYYO products.

“Brr Heyyo” the son of the family who is energetic and healthy. His favorite hobby is sports. He is a famous skateboard champion of the Galaxy.
Heyyo Family, has interesting galactic adventures, is celebrating the first space week on their planet with joy!

Would you like to do a wonderful astronomical event with Brr, Geg and Nen?

Come on kids, use all your creativity to design your own planet!
This planet only belongs to you; Write its name, size, shape, climate and what kind of creatures live, be neighbors to the planet Heyyo!

“Nen Heyyo” is Brr’s and Geg’s brother who is a famous Space artist. Nen enjoys listening music and dancing. He likes various type of art from all around the Galaxy. Nen's greatest talent is ; painting and designing visuals of Heyyo packages.

Polly emotional, lovely and lazy pet of Heyyo Family !

Heyyo family are just like one of our family. They also have hobbies that they enjoy, they are passionate about sports, music and art. They have strong family ties, enjoy sharing with their siblings, and are full of energy.

Heyyo Chocolate Flavored Chocolates Sauce Cake

A brand new flavor where chocolate is saturated with cake. 
While the cocoa dream turned into real chocolate, a soft 
and fluffy cake accompanied it. It is covered with delicious 
chocolate sauce. Colorful dragees, the most popular of the 
fun flavors, decorate the chocolate sauce. The flavor from 
outer space is hidden in Heyyo Muffin chocolate flavored 
chocolate sauce cake

Heyyo Melon Flavored Melon Sauce Cake

Melon, the cold fruit of hot summer nights, is hidden in the taste
and sauce of the soft cake. There is melon sauce in the middle of
Heyyo melon flavored cake, where you will be satisfied with the
melon flavor. Kids will love Heyyo mosaic cakes from outer space
that will transport you to other planets. Heyyo cakes, which are
produced using completely natural colorants without artificial
colorants, got full marks from the mothers.

Heyyo Cake with Pineapple Flavored Pineapple Sauce

The refreshing, delicious tropical fruit pineapple has joined the
Heyyo family. As much fun as it is to eat slices of pineapple,
which will increase your love for cake, it is just as delicious to
eat with Heyyo cake. Kids will love the Heyyo mosaic cakes that
will transport you to other planets

Heyyo Space Egg – Milk Chocolate Milk and Hazelnut Cream Filling

Another innovative product that will create little happiness in the
sweet moments of children. A delicious milk chocolate filled with
milk and hazelnut cream that will melt in your mouth. Chocolate
eggs, each of which is wrapped in its own packaging, in a size for
sharing, is the new favorite of everyone, big and small. Wonderful
tastes are hidden in the most colorful family of the galaxy

Heyyo Turtle Wheat Crispy Milk & Cream Chocolate Bar

Heyyo Turtle, its milk chocolate, milk cream filling and
wheat crispy are ready to be your source of happiness
from cocoa. The taste of the rich milk chocolate of the
Heyyo family is felt on all planets! Forget all the snacks
you ate before and enjoy the Heyyo Turtle Chocolate

Heyyo Watermelon Flavored Watermelon Sauce Cake

A new one has been added to the fun flavors with watermelon
flavor. It is presented by Heyyo, the most colorful family in the
galaxy, with the smell and taste of summer's favorite fruit. This
taste has no age, you will be amazed by our delicious
watermelon flavor and soft cake. Heyyo cakes, which are
produced using completely natural colorants without artificial
colorants, got full marks from the mothers

What are they doing on their planet? How is their home life? You can follow the Instagram account of the Heyyo family immediately to have a pleasant time by following their exciting and very entertaining adventures.


Who doesn't like Muffin cakes?


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