Happy 3rd Year. It’ s Journey To Become a World Brand.

We are celebrating our 3rd year of flavor journey we embarked on 2019 by bringing together our innovative spirit with years of experience. With our chocolate, cake and snack products dating from the first day to the present, we are one step closer to every city in the 6 continents of the world with each new day. We brought together Europe in Sakarya Hendek, which has an open area of 45 thousand square meters and a closed area of ​​12 thousand square meters. It has always been our priority to produce the flavors you enjoy with the same quality and taste. We continue to produce innovative products suitable for developing technology and changing tastes in order to gain the appreciation of everyone, from young to old.


Our products with high standards took their places on the shelves through our dealers with whom we cooperate in many countries of the world, especially in America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Getting the appreciation of our consumers in a short time excites us to further develop our business. We added a new flavor to the cake world with the Volume brand. Our cakes with chocolate, cocoa, orange, strawberry, caramel, forest fruit, date and strawberry varieties were very popular. Our Monteyer and Truffino brand made chocolate lovers experience the adventure of real chocolate, which started with quality cocoa beans. We left hundreds of tastes on our palates with our chocolates full of pleasure. With our Dates n Choco brand, we covered the world's healthiest fruit, the date, with almonds on the inside and chocolate on the outside. With this amazing discovery, we have transformed the pure and innocent dates from our own gardens into a unique dessert experience. Our LabanH brand brought together more than 10 different date varieties with date lovers.

By spreading happiness in every bite and the happiness of chocolates with a wonderful taste that will make you smile, we have gained great acceptance among all our consumers. Our Research and Development team is doing great research to obtain premium ingredients to produce achievable premium flavors.


Alyan Food's journey to become the sweetest brand continues with its effort to become one of the distinguished producers of chocolate and cake snacks.


We are recognized by our dealers as a reliable business partner in the supply of cake and chocolate products. From quality chocolate production to various cake products, Alyan Food's fully integrated production facility has been built with the best technologies and expertise from all over the world. We ensure that our raw materials, supported by food safety and quality management, are developed with a distinctive flavor that leaves a happy smile.


We go beyond the simple mission of making "amazing chocolate and cakes". We strive to develop our products with innovative works that will be different than ever, at every opportunity, for those who love our products.


Alyan Food will continue to develop until it is the best for you, our valued consumers. Our desire to offer quality sweet products to our consumers, who make Turkey and the world wonderful, will always be at the top of our priority list. The fun packaging and delicious flavors of our products bring a smile beyond all generations.


Our new products Heyyo space family, Prendimi, Fuchsia, Picco, Pound mini cake and more will be on the shelves very soon.


Hoping to reach more people with our most innovative products in our 3rd year, Alyan "What a Sweet"


Who doesn't like Muffin cakes?


Energy’s key is hidden in breakfast