Children Loved Alyan World’s Cakes a lot

Cake is  children's favorite snack of all times...

Mother’s cake, birthday cake, all kinds of cakes in the school bag…

The reason why cakes are so preferred by children is that; they are sweet and suppress hunger. As adults also we love cakes but place of it is very different for children.

As Alyan Food, we dreamed of being children's favorite cake while developing Volume cake brand. We thought about, how we could have the taste, form and packaging that they would love the most, from the content to the production and packaging.

Volume cakes, which emerged with all these dreams, had an irresistible taste. Sometimes we felt the smell of a cake baked by our mother, sometimes we tasted cakes and chocolate that were even more delicious than the most beautiful birthday cakes.

We can say that what makes a cake delicious is the quality of the ingredients, its consistency that disperses in the mouth, and its saturation. While meeting our sugar needs, it also serves as a small snack, making the cakes indispensable.

The smallest cake of the Volume Cake family, Mini Cake; with its tiny form, it is indispensable for bags and is always with you.

Pound Cake; Apple, cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa is like the cake your mother made.

Volume Muffin Cake; Who doesn't love that cool look of muffin cake? Your favorite flavors such as Milkies with Coconut Milk, Date muffins, forest fruit muffins, intense chocolate or caramel, mosaic cake Amour are hidden inside these cute packages.

Chocobar and Extreme Cake, one of the favorites of cake family, combined your love for chocolate with cake. These cakes came out that covered with delicious chocolate and filled with sauce.

While going to school, doing sports, playing in the park, on trips and meeting with friends, the cakes carefully produced by Alyan Food are different. Enjoying the happiness of being the cake most preferred by children in many countries of the world, the Volume cake group looks forward to introducing cake lovers to many different flavors in the coming days.

If there is a cake that you have not tried yet, you can reach and all our cake varieties from our online store.

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